I know I'm a few dinners behind. Here's the one for
enchiladas, which I know you know how to make anyway. But for
the sake of completeness, here it is anyway.

For the sauce I use a big jar of store bought salsa. It's
about 24 oz., I'd guess, and the stuff I use is actually a
store brand (Vons Pavillions). It is surprisingly good. The
"hot" variety is pretty hot, it's got good flavor, and it has
beans and corn in it. I think the stuff in the jar works
better for this dish than the fresh stuff, because it is more
sauce-like and has less water. Anyway, dump the jar into a big
skillet and add a small (8 oz) can of tomato sauce, or maybe
two. Then heat it up until it is as hot as you can stand to
put your hands in.

Put a corn tortilla in the skillet and bury it under the warm
sauce for a minute. Make sure it gets wet on both sides. Flip
it over once if you have to. It should soften up. Take it out
and put it on a plate. Then put a second one in the sauce
while you work on the first. Put a small amount of chopped
onions, chopped red and green bell peppers, and a liitle grated
cheese on the softened tortilla. Roll it up and put it seam
side down in a big, shallow baking dish. Now fish out the soft
tortilla from the skillet and replace it with a fresh one.
Repeat until the baking dish is full, or you run out of any one
of the ingredients. Pour the remaining sauce over the top of
the full baking dish. It should completely cover all the
enchiladas, but not too deeply -- just a thin layer. Bake,
covered (350 degrees?) until the onions and peppers cook --
maybe 15 minutes. Spinkle a little more cheese over the whole
thing and bake uncovered until the cheese melts. Serve with
sour cream, salsa, guacamole, etc.

I also make black beans in the you-know-what (beans, water,
sauteed garlic, onions, peppers, jalepenos) and "Mexican" rice
(brown rice, sauteed garlic, onions, peppers, jalapenos,
replace half the water with tomato sauce).